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The Olympian
  • Tough
  • Versatile
  • Fast
The Olympian Does It All!
  • Length, width, and height adjustable pinch weld clamps
  • Pressure gauges at each tower
  • 10 convenient pressurized air outlets
  • Removable front and rear cross members
  • Lightweight removable ramps also act as wheel stops
  • Rack is easily movable. No extra kit to buy, it's built right in
  • No dead spots in corners like other racks
  • Pull out pinch weld clamp heads and drive over bases
  • Excellent loading angle
  • All bolts can be operated with a 3/4 inch wrench
  • Easy down pulls with our numerous chain slots
  • Built in pump trays on each tower
  • Rack repairs both unibodies and full frame vehicles
  • Height adjustable leveling standards
  • Rack easily accepts addition towers
  • Heavy duty 6 inch double bearing albion casters
  • Newer detente style pinch weld jaws


Pinch Weld Clamps
Positive lock pinch weld clamps. Fastest and easiest clamps around with an adjustable length, width and height.

Pressure Gauges & Pumps
Liquid filled pressure control gauge provided at each tower for safety and efficiency.

Air Outlets
Convenient pressurized air channels with 10 outlets for towers and accessories.

Removable Crossmembers
Removable front and rear crossmembers for easy access. Better than closed end or oval designs.

Lightweight removable ramps make loading and unloading quick, easy and safe.

Hydraulic Lifting Leg
Easy to use hydraulic lifting leg with a positive lock swing leg. Makes Rack easily movable.


Deck length available 17 or 21 ft.
Width of bed 90 inches
Treadway Width 24 inches
Center Opening 39 inches
Deck Height 26 inches
Tower Height 89 inches
Pinch Weld Adjustment 8-1/4 to 12 inches.
Hydraulics, Enerpac 10 ton
Tower pulling radius 360 degrees
Stall size needed 12 x 22 ft. or 12 x 26 ft.


Sliding Crossmember

Full Frame Clamping System

Power Lifting Bar

Tool Board #1

Tool Board #2

Tool Board #3

Tool Board #4

Pro Gauge Package Includes:
  • Deluxe centerline gauges with magnets
  • Strut tower alignment gauge
  • Universal tram instrument

Air Jack
  • Deluxe 2 and 3 bag air jacks by Rak Jak

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