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Portable Pulling System

The Complete Portable
Pulling System

Nothing Like It In The World
    Already have a rack, but need more pulling?
    Have no room for a rack, but need pulling?
    Don't want to spend the money on a rack, but need pulling?
    Have several techs bogged down sharing one pulling system?
    Tired of clumsy floor equipment and tripping over floor pots?
    Don't own your building so can't put in tie downs? Satisfies insurance companies requirements for pulling and anchoring

We Have Your Solution!!

  • Heavily built, yet moves easily
  • Quick set up under a vehicle
  • Length, width, and height adjustable pinch weld clamps
  • Make more of your shop space
  • System easily rolls from stall to stall
  • System installs under vehicle by removing one tire
  • Safer than old style floor systems
  • System moves easily with a car mounted on it
  • Can be easily rolled to a corner when not in use
  • System comes apart and can be stored in a space 6 ft. long X 2 ft. wide X 20 in. tall
  • Has a built in down pull roller, and pump tray
  • Choose from our many accessories to fit your needs


  • True 360 degree pulling system
  • A convenient, easy to use, one man system
  • Built in down pull roller
  • The tower carriage pivots for more pulling angles

  • Heavy duty pinch weld clamp set
  • Length, width and height adjustable pinch weld clamps
  • The pinch weld clamps can be individually mounted on the inside or outside of cross tubes to get around obstructions
  • Length adjustments on clamps are 2 ft. to 7 ft. center to center

  • The tower articulates left and right for more pulling angles
  • Pinch weld clamps adjust from
    1 ft. to 6 ft. in width
  • The tower plugs in on each end and two places on each side of the unit to cover the entire vehicle

  • Included with the system: Hyd. ram, 8 ft. hose, pressure gauge, 10 ft. pull chain, 2-3/8 grab hooks
  • Pump tray mounted on tower carriage for convenience
  • Heavy duty double bearing albion casters make the system glide easily

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